My books (and reading order)

All of my romantic suspenses are standalones. That means a new hero and heroine each time and definitely no cliffhanger endings! So you can read them in any order: feel free to jump in anywhere.

They all take place in the same world and I sometimes bring characters back for guest appearances. Also, some books are linked together because the heroes or heroines are from the same families. I have written four books about the Irish O’Harra brothers and three books about the Russian Malakov family. Finally, two books are about members of the all-female hacking group, The Sisters of Invidia.

Below is a complete list of all my books in the order I wrote them. I’ve noted which books include an O’Harra, a Malakov or a sister of Invidia. 

The only exception to my “read them in any order” rule is Brothers, which is a full-length novel that brings together all of the O’Harra brothers. Leave that one until you’ve read all four O’Harra books or you’ll hit spoilers. Brothers is free and you can grab your copy here.

Finally, before I started writing romantic suspense I wrote the Fenbrook Academy trilogy, which I’d classify as New Adult romance. It’s still set in the same world and the Fenbrook heroines do make guest appearances now and again in my current books. It should be read in order and you’ll find it down at the bottom of the page.

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A young CIA agent is tasked with seducing a notorious Russian mobster, but finds her loyalties tested when she falls for him. (Luka Malakov)
To save her brother, a woman volunteers to fight in an underground boxing match. With 30 days to learn to fight, her only hope is the Irish boxer everyone tells her to stay away from. (Aedan O’Harra)
To escape her past, a city girl flees to Texas and hides away in solitude, afraid to connect…or love. But a cowboy named Bull has other ideas….
A hitman falls for the woman he’s sent to kill. (Malakov family)
A law-abiding woman teams up with a criminal to save her sister’s life, but finds herself falling for him. (Sean O’Harra)
The President’s daughter falls for her new bodyguard, but a conspiracy inside the White House means danger for them both. (Kian O’Harra)
A Russian Mafia princess and the head of a powerful Italian Mafia family fall for one another, risking war between their families. (Irina Malakov)
She saved his life as a child. Now he’s an outlaw biker…and her only hope. (Carrick O’Harra)
When their plane crashes in the Alaskan wilderness, an FBI agent must put her faith in a former Navy SEAL who was on his way to military prison.
All four O’Harra brothers re-unite after years apart to search for their missing brother. (Bradan O’Harra)
A bookish young woman must team up with a gruff, gorgeous treasure hunter to find the cure to a deadly disease.
A European princess and a former Marine are forced to go on the run together when assassins target the royal family.

Fenbrook Academy

This trilogy is best read in order. It follows a group of women who become close friends and who each find love while studying at a top New York performing arts college.

A troubled ballet student receives an incredible offer from a billionaire who needs a muse.
Neil and Clarissa’s story. A FREE novella I wrote for my loyal readers. Think of it as Fenbrook Academy 1.5.
A shy, sheltered cellist is forced to team up with a bad boy rock guitarist.
An actress with a dark past fights to hide her true feelings from her on-screen love interest.